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Our Values

First, Let’s be Real
Is Honeysuckle at the forefront of our industry, awaiting our Nobel Prize in sustainable fabric engineering? No, unfortunately not.

We value transparency and recognize that while our sustainability practices may not currently be world class, we are committed to continuous improvement. Most of the materials required for good functioning swimwear are fundamentally unsustainable, and we understand the environmental impact associated with them. However, we want to assure you that we are actively exploring and investing in initiatives to enhance the sustainability of our products and processes. We are dedicated to staying informed about emerging technologies and market opportunities that could lead us into a cleaner future. Our pledge to you is that we will remain open, adaptive, and unwavering in our commitment to progress.

Safe, Secure Packaging
We are our committed to minimizing our plastics where possible. Our aim is to strike a balance between ensuring our products show up to your door in a clean, safe and wearable condition without the use of frivolous plastics. We opt for materials that, under the right conditions, are biodegradable or are sourced from recycled components. Our corrugated boxes are crafted from recycled materials and are thereafter recyclable. Our frosted bags, while not biodegradable are reusable and equipped with a zipper for added functionality.

No extraneous paper marketing materials here; just a concise packing slip adhering to ISO 14001 standards.

Choosing Thoughtfully, Even If It's Polyester
While polyester is known for durability and its ability to blend with other fabrics to produce exceptional swimwear - - it's not the most eco-friendly material on the block. While we acknowledge its not-so-green origins, we're actively seeking sustainable alternatives and working towards lessening our environmental impact as much as possible. New technologies are always in motion, and we are watching that closely, ready to pivot at moments notice.  

We Try To Be Efficiency Enthusiasts
When possible, we consolidate orders for minimal packaging, fewer labels, and reduced delivery emissions. It's a strategic move to lower our carbon footprint while ensuring your orders reach you in shipshape condition.

Turning Oopsies into Opportunities
Since 2018, not a single garment has met a landfill from our warehouse. Enter the Oopsie Bin—a haven for slightly defective items marked down on sale. No discarded pieces here; just a commitment to finding a home for every piece. If we come across a functional hiccup, we have our local tailors on speed dial, ensuring each piece gets a second chance in the Oopsie Bin.

Where Swimsuits Find New Adventures
Our swimsuits have a post-retirement plan thanks to the Facebook Marketplace BST group. It's where our pieces embark on new adventures, meet new people and cultivate new memories for families.

We are Fundamentally Reef-Safe
Our sun-protective swimwear offers more than just UV defense—it minimizes the need for excessive sunscreen application. By covering more skin, it reduces the chemicals entering our oceans, promoting a cleaner marine environment. It's a small step toward preserving our waters while keeping you protected.

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