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Sizing - Women


Front Zipper Style
Shoulder Tie Style

Height: 5’11” // Bust: 37” // Waist: 33.5” // Hip: 39”

"I like that it keeps everything in; I like that’s nursing friendly or hot tub friendly. Love the sun protection factor. We spend a lot of time in Osoyoos and I would choose this one without question. Support-wise, it’s lighter support and could be a bit tighter. But the cups are really nice!"


Height: 5’3” // Bust: 47” // Waist: 45” // Hip: 49”

"I feel like it’s really pretty, the print is great. It's one of those things you can throw on and forget about sunscreen and just be at the beach with your kids. Nothing will fall out while you’re building sandcastles or playing in the water!"


Height: 5’3” // Bust: 47” // Waist: 45” // Hip: 49”

"I like that I feel like my boobs are exactly where they're supposed to be, lots of support. Covers the mom belly that nobody likes to have hanging out. It’s really comfortable after having two babies and it holds everything where you want it!"


Height: 5’6” // Bust: 38.5” // Waist: 34” // Hip: 42”

"It’s great. I love the little addition of the frill at the bottom of the suit, it adds something. I like how high up the bottoms go and the top I feel really “in there” like nothing is going to fall out and I can comfortably go to the beach with the kids. I love that these are adjustable, it’s hard when you get a suit that doesn’t have that so I love that these can be adjusted. Medium could work too on my body but it was tighter."


Height: 5'3" // Bust: 40" // Waist: 36" // Hip: 42"

"I feel confident and comfortable in it. It feels natural, like I’m wearing comfortable undergarments. Especially the bust is very supported, around the front stomach area is nice and snug too. It hugs everything together which is nice because I haven’t been comfortable with my C-section scar!"


Height: 5'3" // Bust: 38" // Waist: 32" // Hip: 37"

"Great. The sizing is generous, my boobs are not going anywhere. I can be on the back of a boat without them going anywhere. Flattering fit."


Height: 5'4" // Bust: 40" // Waist: 37" // Hip: 43"

"I feel really really good, like its super stretchy nice material. Definitely supports the girls and I love the details like the ruffle detail and tie up. It’s a super flattering cut, covers enough. Accentuates bust. And I love the pattern, I gravitated towards it right away!"


Height: 5'8" // Bust: 39" // Waist: 45" // Hip: 43"

"I feel good, it’s not uncomfortable on the bump at all. The band feels secure like I could still run after my children."

Height: 5'4" // Bust: 43" // Waist: 41" // Hip: 44"

"Super comfortable, not rolling at all, stays up with height waist. Cutest suit I’ve ever seen! Great support. I don’t have a big chest and it’s not gaping at all."

Height: 5'2" // Bust: 40" // Waist: 36" // Hip: 43"

"Good, I feel like it fits perfectly. Support is good for what I’ve got! Arms are not too long, they’re perfect."

Height: 5'2" // Bust: 40" // Waist: 36" // Hip: 43"

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